Tapco slate highlights the handsome character of slate, at the same time enhancing roof performance through innovative design. Unlike natural slate, tapco slate wont break or delaminate and comes with a 50 year warranty. BBA certified tapco slate gives you the power to evoke both historical elegance and outstanding modern day style.



Metrotile roof is a symbol of security and shelter for both domestic and commercial roofing. Lightweight steel roofing has evolved to become a product that offers the benefits that exceed those of traditional roof tile materials.


A Metrotile lightweight roof places significantly less weight and stress on supporting structures and foundations. Each tile is pressed from the highest drawing quality steel for unparalleled strength and higher performance than traditional materials.


Tapco combine striking kerb appeal with the efficient installation that makes every job easier. You can rest assured with the protection of our 40-year Warranty. Our quality-tested products feature large nailing guides, Tapco’s InFlex™ design eliminating the need for jobsite tile bending, and true colouring so you don’t have to spend time shuffling tiles at the jobsite.