Use the space all year round with a beautiful tile finish! 

Having a conservatory with a solid roof allows you to use it at all times of the year and take full advantage of each season throughout the year. So whether it’s to look out over your snow covered garden or to catch the red and yellow leaves emerging, you’ll always have a good view, without having to increase the heating. Each one of our roofs are insulated to give you a nice warm room. Having a solid roof on our conservatory also makes it cooler in the summer and makes your house look more appealing rather than poly carbonate. 

Our roofs have been approved with JHAI Building Control Consultants giving you piece of mind of a good quality installation! 

This design is manufactured with the very best construction material, timber. We only use British or European roofing grade timber. With a wide range of lightweight tiled options, the Solid Roof will convert your conservatory into the extension you always dreamed of.

IMG_1947 2.png

We can also ensure that you are getting light into the room by inserting some Velux vents into the roofing system so you can enjoy the view of the sky.

With a U-Value of 0.18 it offers excellent insulation properties, achieved through the use of PIR (polyisocyanurate) insulation. The installation is simple for your installer and weatherproofing is achieved rapidly


We use the very best tile on the market known as Eco Tile. it is made from recycled products coming with a 30 year weather proof warranty. They are stylish and seal together giving you extra security and long term efficiency for you enjoy for years to come! 

A glass or polycarbonate roof is the most common method of heat escaping from your conservatory, as hot air rises allowing the heat to escape. You only need to stand next to your closed windows in the winter to feel how ineffective glass is for retaining the warmth; that coupled with rising convection currents and it’s easy to understand why your heating bills can be higher than predicted. 

In addition to keeping you warm in the winter, having a solid roof to your conservatory has the added benefit of shading the room in the summer. This prevents the dreaded “greenhouse situation” that occurs with the majority of conservatories.